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Character Creation

These are the questions that should be answered in all characters' diaries (from page 155 Castle Falkenstein)

-What is your name?

-Where do you come from?
Where were you born?
Where do you live now?

-Physiognomy & Physique:
What do you look like? Sex, age, height, et cetera.

-What was your youth and childhood like?
Describe childhood and general upbringing
Siblings? Legitimate or otherwise?
Your family life in general (income, social class, schooling,
important events, et cetera)

-Virtues and Vices:
What are your best qualities?
What are your worst qualities, vices, and bad habits?

The manner of dress you prefer
Any quirks that affect your dress or style

Describe it in two words (Arrogant and headstrong! Friendly and

-Likes and Dislikes
Describe your favorite things (books, food & drink, music, events,
et cetera)
Describe also your least favorite things

-What *really* matters?
What principle do you value most? (honesty, vengeance, knowledge,
your word, money, the list goes on and on)
Most treasured possession(s)?
Who do you value most? (relative, mentor, lover, et cetera)

-Stand with me or against me!
Who (or what) is your nemesis, your greatest opposition? Every
Holmes has his Moriarty.
What are your alliances? Regiments, societies, professional groups

-Love is in the air...
Describe your romantic life. Feuding families, doomed affairs,
torrid dalliances are all part of this genre.

What are your goals in life? List a social goal, a professional
goal, and a romantic goal.

-Skills, talents, abilities
Pick one ability you're Great at
Pick four abilities you're Good at
Pick an ability you're Poor at
*All others default to Average*
(there are a number of very good Castle Falkenstein character sheets
available on the internet with lists of abilities, as well as several
web pages devoted to the game with comprehensive ability lists)

-Last but not least...
What event or action in your life do you regret the most?
What event or action in your life are you proudest of?

-Then, tell a bit of your own story.
What have you been doing for the last few years of your life? A few
short paragraphs here will do wonders for fleshing out the character.
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