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Sunday, March 17, 1872 - Tuesday, March 19, 1872

The late morning found our adventurers gathering at the Hanover estate for a delightful brunch. The Marquis brought gifts for Charmagne and her father, an african atlas and a fine pen. Lady Starks brought fine foods, chocolates and cakes and fruits and things. Discussion ensued which eventually turned to the topic of yesterday's headlines. The group paid a visit to the British museum and found the police there investigating.

Several clues were put together to determine exactly what was stolen and a possible purpose, and then modes of transport were looked at. The group went to the docks and interviewed several of the workers there. It was decided that the most likely method was a freight ship, Queen of the Islands.

After booking passage on the London-to-Paris leg of the Orient Express, the group booked a night's stay at the aeroport's hotel (in separate bedrooms, of course!). Together, they made a shopping foray for appropriate clothing to be worn in Egypt, which it was discovered, is the Queen of the Islands' eventual destination by way of Porto, Portugal.

the group once again met up with Captain Alexander, who was in Paris to generate interest in the auction of certain of the treasures from Mr. Kieth's expedition to Arabia. When he was informed of the theft, he pledged his aid in the recovery of those stolen items.

Lady Starks and Captain Alexander had a delightful dinner, while Marquis Ramirez and Miss Hanover enjoyed a picnic on a nearby hill overlooking the city. The Spirit of Dixie departs for Porto Tuesday morning, scheduled to arrive well ahead of the Queen of the Islands' expected arrival date of the coming Saturday.
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