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March 15, 1872

The night went smashingly for Mr. Kieth and associates.

The grand exhibit hall was opened at 7:00 sharp, and after a short presentation the exhibits were revealed. Arabian artifacts of various sort were displayed: fine tapestry, unusually crafted weapons, and mechanical wonders such as a small singing sparrow were all part of the exhibition.

At twenty minutes after the hour, Captain Alexander's airship arrived much to the pleasure of the gathered crowd. Minister Verne's Grand Illuminators were exceptionally implemented in displaying both the museum as well as the airship, Spirit of Dixie.

Mr. Kieth was a gracious host, escorting many ladies and gentlemen through the exhibits and entertaining the crowds with fabulous tales of the items' origins. As the evening wore on, the gala nature of the event became more apparent as several of London's social and political elite mingled, along with magnates of various sorts from England and Europa. Mr. Kieth announced his intentions of a second foray to Arabia in one year's time, this time with a larger fleet of airships to transport those goods that London's upper crust expressed a great interest in.

Publisher Martin Hanover is rumored to have struck a deal to have one of his writers accompany Mr. Kieth's group on their adventure, though no details were forthcoming.

The night had a dark pall cast upon it when, after the party dispersed, a number of ruffians entered the museum to loot the exposition. The following morning, Scotland Yard's inspector Michael Valentine was noted to be performing an investigation of the premesis with a Mr. Vim from Siberia and a Mr. Lucas from the Republic of Texas. Several of the exhibits were missing, though Mr. Kieth has stated his utmost confidence in Inspector Valentine's abilities to find the perpetrators.
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