wed_night_game (wed_night_game) wrote in falkenstein,

Ground Rules:

We'll be using the standard setting from the Castle Falkenstein main book, as well as material from all the suppliments I own as well as any that anyone cares to buy me. :) If any of the players wish to borrow my main CF book I will be happy to loan it out for two or three nights, though I will need it to prepare for and to run the game each two week period.

The year is 1872, location is New Europa. Theme is undecided as of yet, and will depend upon the types of characters submitted to me.

For the moment we shall be using the standard system from the main book, though adding some of the optional rules from Comme Il Faut is likely to happen in the near future. Updates will be made here for notifications.

Bring your own cards if you wish; I also have several decks bought specifically for this purpose.
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